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About School Achievers

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  1. Only 5 minutes a day will turn YOUR School Achievers into today’s news leaders at
  2. Your School Achiever stories shape your public media profile for the whole nation to share and see
  3. From principals, educators, learners, parents, supporters, government and media (radio, tv, digital and print)
  4. We have 4 categories of recognition which all achievements can fall into : Academics/Sport/Art & Culture/ & environment
  5. Reward every School Achiever with a keepsake School Achievers merit certificate imprinted with their achievement
  6. School Achievers is a celebration for our nation through achievement in education – making every single one a Proudly South African moment
  7. We all need to embrace these achievements in Education which will shape the amazing future of our nation
  8. These are the stories that will inspire and empower Today’s Learner’s to become Tomorrow’s Leaders – all 12.5 million of them
  9. Primary and High School Achiever news is automatically filtered into your town, region and nation


  • Partnerships at School Achievers are precious brand friendships who share the School Achievers vision through the inspiration of their own brand.
  • We are inviting 5 such brands to lead our School Achievers journey and share your passion for the future of our nation through celebrating education
    1. 1 x national campaign ambassador
    2. 4 x national category brand partners (either academic/sport/art & culture/ or environment)
    3. These partnerships are available in our High School and Primary School online editions
  • Contact : for further information


  • School Achiever news brings the magic back to media
  • Let your audiences be part of the School Achiever celebration
  • Contact : for further information